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Best Hair oils for healthy hair

At some point in our life, we all face hair related problems. right? Be it hair fall problem, dandruff related, dryness or slow growth. To all these problems there is a common solution that is good care and always applying hair oil before washing your hair.

Now about oils, there are numerous in the market for different hair and scalp related issues. It is really vital to choose wisely which oil you must apply according to your hair.

Here are some of the best oils I have mentioned which will enhance your growth and will give your shiny healthy hair.

To help you choose the right oil for your hair I have inserted some of the best brands and you can just click on the picture to add to your cart!

1. Lavender essential oil

Lavender oil plays a major role in the creation of new skin cells and along with that it also promotes hair growth. For best results: Mix lavender hair oil with a carrier oil and apply before washing your hair.

2. Peppermint oil

Peppermint work best for enhancing hair growth as it helps in blood circulation. Just add 2 drops to your carrier oil for wonderful results.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has anti bacterial and wonderful cleansing properties. It is most helpful for dandruff related issues and hair growth as well.

4. Jojoba oil

As jojoba oil is known to be derived from Zizyphus jujube plant, it enhances hair growth and increases the pace at which a person’s hair grows naturally. This oil is preferred as a carrier oil.

5. Castor oil

Castor oil is one of my favourites oil. It really works best for my hair, helps to get rid of dandruff, hair fall and gives a silky texture. The only thing that i don’t like about castor oil is that it is really sticky and hard to wash but that is okay cause it works wonder. Just add a few drops with your carrier oil and massage to your scalp.

6. Coconut oil

What can I say about coconut oil? It is one of the best oil and is widely used by everyone, especially among Indians.

7. Olive hair oil

Olive oil contains anti-oxidant properties and vitamin E which is essential for hair growth. It can help you control hair fall as well.

8. Sesame oil

Sesame oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which will help you get rid of dandruff and other fungal infections. It is usually used as a carrier oil.

9. Argan hair oil

Argan oil helps you to keep your scalp hydrated, moisturized and most importantly it helps in repairing the damage.

10. Lemongrass hair oil

Lemongrass oil works wonder to get rid of dandruff or itchy scalp. You just need to mix a few drops with your shampoo.

These were the 10 best hair oils that will help you choose the right one for your hair. You can just buy them through the inserted pictures. And do let me know if it was helpful to you! To know some miraculous tips for voluminous and shiny hair read this.

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