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Dalai Lama’s 10 ways to be in a healthy state of mind

Dalai Lama is a title given to the foremost spiritual leader of the school of Tibetan Buddhism. He is best known for his spiritual teachings on every aspect of life including happiness, tolerance, Non-violence, peace, mindfulness and so on.

The root of these teachings lies in spirituality, and not based on any particular religion or belief that you follow. His teachings made me aware of the inner soul, the power we have within ourselves and many other things.

He also speaks about embracing the Buddhist concept of being compassionate. Also “The Art of Happiness – A Handbook for Life” is a book written by psychiatrist Howard C. Cutler based on a series of interviews which he held with the Dalai Lama. It contains tips and advice from the Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama’s 10 ways to be in healthy state of mind are as follows:


“The ultimate source of satisfaction is within our self”.

Dalai Lama states that if we do wrong things, mainly harming others, we get negative consequences. But if we do helping others, bring more happiness to others; we benefit.

It will bring more inner strength, more sort of confidence of purpose of life, and fulfilment about that purpose, then we’ll always feel happy.


Some people might think you as a good person and while some think of you as a bad person. It doesn’t really matter what others think of you as long as your own thinking is honest and sincere.

As an example from Buddha’s sayings he states “if one says too much praise, then at that time you should think, oh, I also have the critics. Then, one says a lot of criticism, then you should think, oh, some people are praising me. It is silly enough to pay attention to these things”.


“Ultimate source of a happy life is our inner value”.

According to him, irrespective of a believer or nonbeliever, we should pay more attention to our inner world. Latest scientific studies states that even for good health or a healthy body, a healthy mind is very essential.

Too much stress and worries disturb our body element that creates a certain sort of problem in what is body. More peaceful mind brings a healthy body, because when the mind will be calm and peaceful, then our body element will remain balanced. Therefore, pay attention to your inner self as well.


Dalai Lama states that anger really destroys part of our brain which judges right or wrong. So when we fully develop anger, we can’t see the reality. That energy is blind energy.

In order to face the problems, our method should be realistic. In order to carry a realistic method, we must know the reality, investigate the reality with a calm mind. He also says firstly anger will destroy our inner peace, secondly destroy our ability to investigate the reality.


Affection or compassionate attitude, warm-heartedness is very important for one’s own    Well being; for one’s own happiness. Develop unbiased compassion, real compassion.

Do not depend on other’s attitude but rather other’s being itself. If we become  Compassionate person then our life becomes meaningful, purposeful and peaceful.

So on the  Last day of our life, we will feel happy that all our life we have spent a peaceful, friendly life.

We will feel really happy. Otherwise, at that moment even if you’re a billionaire ghost Money, nothing can be used. Everything has to leave. Spend more compassionate life then You feel no regrets.  


Then, another important factor is determination. We should not give up, this development can take place within a few days or a few years. We must understand that these developments may even take aeons.

If we really waste our time doing nothing, not knowing the purpose of our life then even one day will seem to be so long. So once we get determined, once we make up our mind, some kind of firm determination, and clear to objective way, then time is not important but progress does.


According to him, when we feel a certain sort of irritation, during that moment if we Concentrate fully on the breathing, nothing else. After a few counts of breathing, your mental state will be little different, little calmer.

Since we are dealing with emotions, so the best Method to deal with that is through the so-called meditation. Not for the next life, not for Heaven but for day to day’s well being.


In this context he says, human life is all about, some failures and some achievements. It is Wrong to pick up one thing, then say “oh, very successful”, that’s wrong. And pick up one Thing, failure, that also wrong. Things are relative.


We are a social animal. We all humans are interdependent. Unlike ancient times more or less independent, self-sufficient. We just think about others or even worse, like harm them, cheat them, bully and so on.

Through these mischievous ways we might gain some temporary benefit but deep inside we will feel uncomfortable. Then eventually, you truly become a lonely person, nobody will love you, nobody will respect you.

so, when you have truly trusted friend there, then if you need something you can ask them. While, if you’re a friendless or lonely person and when facing problems, you won’t be having anybody to share. So, ultimately we are a social animal.

The basis of genuine friendship is trust. Trust depends on openness.  Hence, the ultimate source of mental health is warm-heartedness.


At last, now I would like to conclude by this quote by Dalai Lama ..

“Happiness is the highest form of health” – Dalai Lama

It is very important to be happy in order to be in a healthy state of mind. you may read

Inorder to be happy.

stay blessed and have a great day.

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