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Anxiety is nowadays faced by most people, irrespective of their age. Every person’s anxiety level differs as everyone has their own reasons or fears that trigger them, causing anxious thoughts.

It can be considered normal to a level when it occurs at a certain point due to something major. Still, if you are dealing with it every day, then it should be taken into consideration so that it doesn’t affect your lifestyle or productivity or even your health. Anxiety can stifle your growth and prevent you from doing things you enjoy or desire.

Even I face anxiety attacks at any point of time and literally, anything can be triggering. When you are going through anxiousness, it gets really tough to explain to others why is it occurring with you and how you are actually feeling about it when you, yourself have no clue about the same.

There are certain ways to deal with anxiety, and these are as follows:

1. Why workouts or physical exercises

Working out can be a very effective way of focusing on your body and health rather than your mind and anxious thoughts. It will help to burn out calories as well as negativity in your body, which will boost your energy and mood.

It’s not necessary to do a core workout or exercises that are more than enough for a beginner as it will bore you out, causing inconsistency. Instead, start this process with the exercises you will enjoy doing and it can be anything like dance, beginner workout sessions, walks, yoga etc. 

2. Meditation

Practising breathing techniques or meditation every day will definitely help in reducing the level of anxiety by calming your mind down by increasing the oxygen level in the body.  Meditation increases your concentration power on things that you really want to do and helps you control your mind.

One of The breathing techniques that I’ve also experimented with is to breathe in, hold for four seconds, and then breathe out with a count of four. Repeating this 10–12 times will let your mind relax.

3. Seeking help or interacting

Reaching out for help is not a bad thing, and that does not mean you are a weak person. Interacting with your friends who are trustworthy and who actually care for you will make you feel better. Moreover, sharing your thoughts that are making you anxious with your friends or any family member who would understand you is all you need. But if that person is not available or if you don’t think of anyone appropriate then try seeking consultancy.

4. Journal it down!

A diary is known as a person’s best friend for a reason, as most people find comfort in sharing their unspoken thoughts by writing them all. While writing what you are feeling, you get to realise the real reason behind your anxiety, which makes you work on that immediately.  

The more you get that negative thinking out, the less you will get stressed and it will actually sort things out for you without even knowing.

5. Doing what you love! It’s never too late

Taking out some time from your day, to do something you love will make you feel better about yourself. It could be anything like painting, singing, listening to favourite music, cooking, reading a book, watching a movie, etc.

Not only you will add to productivity, but also keep yourself away from anxious feelings.  Enrolling in a course of your choice or interest can also be an effective way to learn and make you feel better.

6. Self-talk

What you think about yourself is what matters the most, so instead of doubting your capabilities and strength to face anything, you should be confident. Positive self-talk includes reminding yourself more often that you can do this or that. And it’s okay if something has changed because life keeps changing, right? It can be rough sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that it will remain like that.

Accepting reality and living in the present without thinking of the future will help to move forward with a positive attitude.

These were some of the quick ways to deal with your anxiety at any point of time in your life. From personal experience, practising gratitude in my usual routine helped me become more aware of my emotions and feelings. Being aware of your emotions gives you the power to connect with your inner self and control yourself at the right time.

If you are also facing anxiety issues too; then you are not alone!

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