Here is an A-Z list of the loungewear you must have in your collection

As we were all stuck at home for such a long time and some of us are still stuck working from home, right? And the majority of us developed that habit of living in our comfortable loungewear clothes. I am also one of them, as nothing beats the level of comfort that a night suit offers. It is time to break the taboo that loungewear and sleepwear are just for a night. These days, a variety of loungewear and sleepwear are available in the market, which is super-relaxing yet can be worn outside the home or working from home.

Here is the list of loungewear that I think it must have in everyone’s closet and can be styled in several ways:

1. Chic night suit with shorts

Choose a pair of night suit online (with shorts) that looks classy and in collar design. The shirt will give an elegant look, and it can be worn for meeting as well. While going out, you can pair it up with jeans and some nice pair of footwear.

2.  Pair of Joggers

I myself have paired my joggers in different ways. You can throw a basic tee over it or any crop top, and you are good to go. You can either go with a pair of shoes or even heels. To glam up the look, wear some loop earrings and you are done.

3. Pyjama Loungewear set 

You can pair it up with cute sliders, and I would suggest looking for some basic styles so that they can be worn over denim as well. During the monsoon season, the weather is pleasant, and these are a perfect choice for that kind of weather. They even come in velvet these days, especially for winters. I love velvet personally, the fact that they are super soft and warm.

4. Short Night Dress

Short night dresses can be worn as a short dress as well. You just need to choose the design carefully and the cloth material too. A short nightdress can even be worn as long tops or can be tucked in denim while going out. 

5. Long Night Dress

I usually prefer to go for some elegant and simple designs as they can be worn as maxi dresses. Then, just throw in a pair of heels and suitable accessories, and you are good to go.

Buying new clothes amidst the covid-19 pandemic has been a struggle for many of us. But believe me when I say that you can glam up your look by choosing the right loungewear and the right brand. In today’s world, loungewear is considered effortlessly stylish wear, so don’t feel so shy to wear your loungewear outside your home. You can just glam up the look with lots of accessories. It’s time to level up the game of looking minimalist and yet classy. 

So this was my mini guide to loungewear and sleepwear that I think you must have in your wardrobe.

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