Ways to keep yourself SANE during this crisis

During these strange times, it has been a roller coaster ride of several emotions during a day where sometimes you may feel scared and sometimes so excited about the day. There are days when you don’t even feel like getting up and days where you wake up early just to enjoy the weather.

Sometimes you feel like eating nothing and sometimes you just feel like cooking a new recipe for everyone in the house. Sometimes you’re so anxious about the day that you just don’t take any actions and overthink about certain situations and sometimes you are so clear of your day that you take rapid actions to complete all your tasks as planned for the day.

I was also going through these emotions from the past few months. Then a sudden thought came, a thought to change, change of a routine, change of a habit, change to be productive and change to cease, a change to feel stronger than problems, a change to grow and prosper.

I know it sounds really motivating but it was just a thought 🙂 and I knew it would take effort and the right direction to bring that kind of positive change. So I decided to solve this riddle step by step to finally feel the change. Then I decided to take my first bold step which turns out to be calling closed ones. I started calling my friends and relatives to get their perspective on this entire situation and understand how they might be coping up with this situation and still maintaining that positive energy and motivation to grow.

I admit that I’m lucky to have such supportive friends and relatives who gave me such great advice and suggestions to stay motivated. This article which I’m writing is an example of it. Therefore I thought of sharing that advice through this article to people who are seeking some sort of motivation to bring joy in their daily routine without thinking much about the outer world.

So here is the question that I asked from closed ones,

“What are you doing to keep yourself sane during this crisis? And what is one suggestion that you would like to share with others?”

Some suggestions and advice that I received are as follows:

” The best way to handle this crisis is to first accept that we are going through a crisis. We don’t try to somehow live a normal life. Instead we adapt to the circumstances and do our best to come out on top. This requires that we use all the resources at our command with all the skills we possess. I am sure that a determined person can get through the crisis with minimum damage.

The best suggestion to face this crisis is to stop thinking about it. No purpose is served by imaging worse case scenarios and losing our sanity. What is not under our control cannot be influenced by us.”

K R V Hari

” Due to a personal crisis a few years back, I started introspecting, and started with taking regular counselling and things that helped me even during Covid 19 crisis are Meditation, Exercise, Journaling, Reading and Regular counselling,

  • Gratitude– it started as a conscious effort and now has become a habit
  • I also take spiritual healing if required or If I get overwhelmed or get anxiety with seeing so many people going through a loss

Last and not the least, my dog, my kid and my house help have been my best support system.”

Nupur Chandra

“Sometimes it gets overwhelming and I crave for the time everything was “normal”. What keeps me sane is a sense of gratitude I wake up with, every day. I’m thankful to God for my blessings that I so easily overlooked until now. I’ve reached out to my friends and family and tried being there for them, it’s pretty much all I can do in my capacity.

Talking about suggestions, in order to keep yourself sane, please follow a routine.

Even I’ve had days when I didn’t want to get up from the bed and it’s alright to feel like that, but ultimately it’s not going to benefit us.

Communicate how you feel and one thing I’d like to add on is I’d like people to be more conscious in the future, be kind to each other and learn the lessons this pandemic has taught us.”

Kashish Kaushal

Journaling my thoughts has been my saving grace through tough times.”

Melonie A. Benjamins

” To stay sane during these times I’m majorly and entirely listening to my heart. Earlier I used to follow a schedule in order to complete things in time but right now doing that will just make me crazier.

The suggestion would be if you want to work on yourself, do it, if you don’t wish to do that, don’t, just take a break and stay there for a while, And get back whenever you feel better.

Yoganshi Devgan

” Well to be honest, I am scared as hell as nobody is safe in this pandemic.

But this is life and life goes on, so basically to keep myself sane first and the most real thing I have learnt is SELF CARE. Only I am going to keep myself happy, if I am happy from inside then I can do wonders.

Self-care for me is to take time for myself. I go to terrace every single day. Relax, Walk and meditate there for some time.”

Shelja Jain

” One should be positive, calm, and Keep your faith tact. We all can meditate and pray for the peace of the world, engage ourselves in something or the other. Communicate with people in a positive manner and watch good movies as laughter and light is the key.”

Deepali Jain

“Currently I have been researching business ideas in India.  If you’re active on social media then try to watch something productive and learn each day.”

Neetesh Jain

Now, after engaging with such good people, I’ve started to feel a lot better. I have started to engage myself into different things, especially what I loved which led to spending my day in a productive way.

The other turning point in my journey was the moment I started realizing that the person I’m becoming isn’t really the person I would like to be. So I just focused on my purpose, my goals and really gave a thought on what kind of person I really want to be. Went out and seek.

He who has a WHY to live for can bear with almost any HOW

Viktor Frankl

That really motivated me to follow my schedule and try out new things and accept the current situation and my emotions as it is and move on.

I know it can be really tough to suddenly follow a routine but try to make it interesting by picking things you love andtaking small steps to pursue it on a daily basis. Sooner it will bring change in your inner world that will always keep you and your soul satisfied and calm.

So I sum up this article with this great thought,

Our outside world may change with time but any change in our eternal world with our consistent efforts will bring a lifetime of joy in our lives which will always stay.

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