Overthinking is something that most of us are familiar with and go through with. It’s pretty normal to overthink to an extent. But there comes a point when you lose control over your emotions, and you start living in overthinking ultimately leading to anxiety. You start thinking about everything all the time, there isn’t a single second that you don’t think about anything.

Either it is like the brain flooded with a train of different thoughts or it will be as blank as a sheet of paper. You start to feel like you’ve lost your way, you don’t know what’s been going on, your relationships start deteriorating, it stunts your growth and you feel like isolating yourself and just think, think, think in an endless cycle. No advice is just good enough for you. That jaded feeling won’t just leave no matter how much you rest.

Well, somewhat I went through that recently and just thought of sharing it with you all. It can be you know resolved and this pattern can be broken if you are willing to do something in the initial stage. In this one, I just felt like sharing some of the ways that helped me come out of this cycle.

1. Being self-aware

Observing and analysing your thoughts can contribute to finding a relevant solution to your thoughts. Identify your thoughts about what matters and what does not, if you can do something about it or not, and what’s the root cause for feeling that way. Just take some time out and make peace with the ongoing thoughts, take them out as they are.

2. Try being “Present”(coming out of overthinking bubble)

If you feel like your brain is again flooded with some unnecessary thoughts giving you anxiety, then maybe try to do something that will help you put back into the present moment. It can be anything. For me, a good long walk with earphones plugged in works best. And going for a long drive.

3. Don’t forget to acknowledge your successes

It can be the toughest task to look for the good in yourself when your mind is just running a train of negative thoughts. To avoid that, try appreciating yourself for tiny things as well. Be kind and acknowledge your actions in your daily routine.

4. Implementing self-compassion

At times, dwelling upon your past mistakes/decisions can hold you back from letting go. And you will continue feeling bad about it. You need to make peace with your past and forgive yourself. Try refocusing on being empathetic.

5. Action Action Action!!

If you observe any one particular thought that constantly leads to overthinking then maybe it is calling for you to take action. To actually take some action to resolve it or maybe find a different method to deal with it.

Worrying is like paying a debt, you don’t owe

Mark Twain

I just want to conclude by saying that it feels amazing coming out of that bubble and actually investing time in living reality and working on those issues and thoughts.

Just stay patient and everything’s gonna make sense someday! I know you can 🙂

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